The Legend of golden cat

Long ago, there was one entity, Arceus. Arceus ruled over everything. He was the first Pokemon, the Alpha one. But, he was lonely. He began to crave a feeling he had never known before; a need for others. He began to feel claustrophoic in the emptiness. He felt closed in. Unable to withstand it any longer, he created Golden cat, a shiny Luxray. Even with his new companion, he felt lonely. One day, Golden Cat could no longer stand it. He bit the orb that contained the universes. A deafening bang sounded as millions and millions of light years of space expanded from the millimeter-sized sphere. Golden cat was gone. Enraged, Arceus made life on the surface of almost all of the planets impossible. You know what happened next. Now, in July 2009, a person called Kudamon caught a shiny Luxray. He used it in battles, until the fateful day. Z1ggyZ00, now called Ziggy, shouted "GOLDEN CAT!!!" whenever the Luxray was used. This awakend Golden cat, who was a LONG ways away. He rushed towards the place he heard his name being called. Kudamon nicknamed the Luxray 'Golden Cat' after that. Golden cat was enraged, so he decided to form an empire, to conquer the world. That's when he found him. Golden cat met Silver Cat, a Purugly. They both battled fiercly, untill the match was ended. Golden cat used Thunder fang, and Silver cat used Slash. Both were critical hits. A Gold and Silver explosion engulfed them. They were flung hundreds of miles from each other, and became one solid color. Golden cat, gold. Silver cat, Silver. Now they are mortal enemies. Even worse than Zangoose and Seviper. 'Til this day they have battled it out. They are evenly matched in power.

That wraps up this long tale.